Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Create The Card?

We use a special cloning machine that makes a copy of the information stored on your current credit card and copies it straight onto your new Custom Card. Our technology is completely offline and does not store your sensitive information.

Will My Card Work In Any ATM?

Whilst all of our Custom Cards will work in an ATM machine. We do however recommend that you avoid using your Custom Card in an ATM. Due to the slightly heavier size of our metal cards, compared to plastic. There is a small chance that your card may get stuck in the machine. For this reason, we recommend that you only use partial insertion devices which allow you to pull your card out.

Is My Card Compatible?

We can replicate just about any card that has a chip or magnetic strip design, there is a small number of chip types that are not compatible with our cards. Please refer to the Our Proccess page to see what types of chips we are able and unable to work with as we are unable to provide a refund if your card is not compatible

What Sort Of Design File Do I Need To Upload?

To get the best possible quality from your design. We only accept Vector files, for more information about vectors you can view this great Business Insider Article Here. If your design file is not a vector, this then requires a custom design to be made from your file. Custom Cards Designs start from $199 to $499

If you are unsure about your design files, please feel free to get in touch and confirm if we can work with your design file.

Will My Old Card Still Work?

Yes. We use your old card to transfer the data on its EMV chip onto your new Custom Card before sending both cards back to you.

Do You Support Tap & Pay?

Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate tap & pay functionality with Custom Cards. Stay tuned as we are currently developing our own technology to implement NFC payment technology on our cards.

What Is Your Addon Trade Assurance?

We offer the optional trade assurance as protection against your purchase in the event that you misplace your Custom Card. In the event that your Custom Card is lost or the card expires, you can request one free replacement.

Can You Clone My Card?

Whilst we can clone most card types, there is a percentage of card types that we are unable to clone. You can view the types of cards that we do not support here

Do You Ship Worldwide?

We ship to every country, all over the world.

Where Are You Located?

Custom Cards is based in Adelaide, South Australia.


Made in Adelaide, South Australia

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