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Step 1 - Upload your design or request one of our pre-made designs

Using our online customiser, you can upload your own premade design or request one of the existing designs visible on our gallery page. You can also select

EMV Card Sizes

We have both small and large EMV chips in most of the colours and metals that we have stock. The EMV is the gold chip visible on your bank card, whilst we can clone 99% of credit and bank cards. There are a small number of EMV chip types that we are unable to clone.

EMV Chip Types

If your current card has one of the chips below, we are unable to clone your card. If you are unsure whether your card can be cloned, please send us a message to confirm if we are able to create your new Custom Card.


Step 2 -  Freeze your bank/credit card and send it to us for proccessing

After you have placed an order and received your confirmation email. Please freeze/lock your existing card before sending it to our P.O box listed in our confirmation email.

Step 3 -  We will clone your current card to your new Custom Card and send them both back to you with express shipping

Once we have received your current card, we will immediately begin the cloning process and transfer the data on your existing credit card EMV chip to your new Custom Card within 24 hours of receiving it.

We will use our state of the art laser engraver to etch your custom design on your new card.

Within 24 hours of receiving your current card, we will ship your old card and your new Custom Card back to you with express, tracked postage anywhere in the world