Customised Metal Cards

Choose from one of our pre-made designs, upload your own or have one of our designers create your new bespoke metal card.

Benefits of owning a metal card

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Won’t crack, split or chip when dropped
  • Won’t melt if forgotten inside of cloths when washing or drying
  • You will notice (the unique noise) when you have accidentally dropped your card

Custom Cards not only offers bank and credit cards but also a wide variety of premium, customisable metal cards including;

  • Business Cards
  • Fuel Cards
  • ID Cards
  • Marriage Cards
  • Funeral Cards
  • Playing Cards
Order Custom Metal CardsOrder Custom Metal Bank/Credit Cards

We have a wide range of different metal cards available, in different colours ready to be laser engraved with your personal design. Each Custom Cards credit card has our signature strip of authenticity.

Our metal cards stand out from our competition with our high-quality, polished edge design which makes our cards extremely durable.

Financial Safety is our #1 Priority

Secure payments

We use a completely secure, PCI compliant payment gateway which encrypts your payment information at checkout.

Card Security

During our "cloning process", we use a completely offline machine to read your existing cards data before being erased at the end of the transfer to your new card. This means that there is no way your sensitive card information is kept safe and protected.

Secure Shipping

We only ship with unmarked, tracked packaging, worldwide with Australia Post. Ensuring that your card information is not compromised during the shipping proccess.

Our Secure Process

We use a completely secure, and transparent process when creating your new Custom Card. From when we receive your card to when you receive it back from us, we keep your private information secure by making use of a completely offline card replication machine and tracked postage back to you.

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About Custom Cards

At Custom Cards, we believe that most credit cards are pretty boring which is we specialise in creating premium custom bank and credit cards that are personalised to suit your own personal style and taste.